Tuesday, January 11, 2011

13 Nominations for TAMBIÉN LA LLUVIA: Goya Award Nominations Announced Today

The Goya Award (Spain's equivalent of the Oscar) nominations were announced today and 'Tambien La Lluvia" (Even the Rain) scored 13 nominations including:

Best Music
Best Film
Best Direction (Iciar Bollain pictured below)
Best Original Screenplay
Best Direction of Production
Best Sound

Best Special Effects
Best Supporting Actor (Karra Elejalde)

Best New Actor (Carlos Aduviri)
Best Lead Actor (Luis Tosar pictured below)
Best Makeup and Hair
Best Costumes
Best Editing

The photo of Carlos Aduviri as 'Hatuey,' an
indigenous Bolvian cast as a 15th century native, shows off some of the hair, make up and costuming that made the historical epic in the film within a film, seem as real as the depictions of native characters in a film like Apocalypto or The New World.

In the film, Carlos Aduviri plays a dual role. His character Daniel, gets a role in a film that is shooting in Cochabamba, Bolvia in the year 2000 when the government sold off the rights to the water to multinational companies that then tried to sell water back to the people at excessive fees. The Daniel character takes an active role in the riots that ensue, fighting for water for his people. In real life, Daniel is not an actor. He is a carpenter, who went to film school and now works in a film school and makes short films. His casting was very similar to the way it is depicted in the film (an open call for extras). The part was written for a very big, strong-looking warrior of a man. Carlos was cast against type for his intensity. Now he is nominated for a Goya Award for his work in the film.

Director Iciar Bollain serves as Vice President of the Spanish Academy for the Motion Picture Industry. 'Tambien La Lluvia" is her fifth film. Her film is also the official Oscar submission from Spain and is competing for one of the five Best Foreign-Language film nominations with 60 other films. The nominees will be announced on January 25, 2011. If she is nominated, Bollain will be the first female director from Spain to be honored in this way. Bollain became attached to the film to direct after Alejandro Innaritu, who started to develop the project, departed to make BIUTIFUL. Now, BIUTIFUL, the Mexican Oscar submission starring popular Spanish actor Javier Bardem is up against Spain's TAMBIEN LA LLUVIA, which stars Mexico's biggest actor, Gael Garcia Bernal. Go figure!

Other multiple nominees at the Goyas are:
BALADA TRISTE DE TROMPETA with 15 nominations, directed by Alex de la Iglesias, PA NEGRE with 14 nominations and BURIED with 10 nominations.

Production Company Morena Films did well last year at the Goyas with CELDA 211 also starring Luis Tosar.

Tambien La Lluvia will be released in the United States on February 18, 2011 by Vitagraph Films.

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