Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Some Nice Press, Ayako stays longer at the Nuart

As previously mentioned, Tokyo! opens in Los Angeles on March 20th after a successful New York opening. Will people love Tokyo! as much in our home town. We love the talented and charming Ayako Fujitani (who plays a young woman with some major transformation issues following a move to Tokyo to find her purpose in life with her fledgling filmmaker boyfriend). Anyway, Ayako has agreed to come to the Nuart for the 7:15 PM show on Friday, March 20 to discuss working with director Michel Gondry, having a "blue screen body," dragging a chair around, her impressions of making movies in Japan and more. She cut her teeth on Gamera and Ultraman flicks growing up and is also a writer.

Originally she was just doing an introduction, but now its a full fledged q & a after the screening. Ayako was interviewed by the LA Times' Michael Ordona so look for a profile on her in what is left of the paper on Thursday. Susan King wrote this great peice on the movie!

Vitagraph personnel will be hanging around the Nuart Friday night so come by and have a spring roll with us before, after or during one of the screenings!

We also open this weekend in the San Francisco Bay Area including Berkeley and San Jose. All of our theatres are listed at this link.

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