Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tokyo! Premiere at the Japan Society last night

TOKYO! Premiered last night at the Japan Society and Vitagraph's team including Taeko from newyork-tokyo and Natascha Bodemann, publicist-at-large caught a few iphone photos of the festivities and contributed to this premiere coverage.

Despite the weather people braved going out to attend the premiere. We are still gathering details and photos, but from this early report we gather that Liberatio
n President Jay Boberg (pictured with Michel Gondry) and Leos Carax were in attendance along with David Cross of "Mr. Show," Vincent Musetto, reviewing for the NY Post, Alison Chernick (the director of "Matthew Barney: No Restraint"), reps from the Consulate General of Japan and others. Gabrielle Bell who wrote the original graphic novel that Gondry based his segment on, joined the directors onstage for the introduction. Reportedly Carax and Gondry stayed until the lights went on at the after party.

Ah the party.
Food: lots of great sushi, some sort of cool chicken on a skewer with a very fresh green vegetable, great little mini muffin-cupcake things with some sort of tofu icing in chocolate and vanilla flavor. The vanilla muffin-cupcakes had a green tea flavored tofu icing. And beer from Sapporo! Music was great, with favorites from 70's, 80's and 90's. The DJ was selected by Gondry and his name is forthcoming.

We hear that Indiewire covered the premiere so check out their site for posts (and to see our Tokyo banner ads).

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